It applies advanced light detection technology and liquid crystal technology to a new type of welding mask. Composed of automatic dimming screen, side window, helmet, etc., the working principle is that the photoelectric sensing circuit inside the mask detects the light generated during welding (mainly infrared or ultraviolet), amplifies it, triggers the control circuit of the LCD, and applies corresponding driving signals to the LCD (transmissive TN LCD) of the mask based on the preset light transmittance.

Liquid crystal as a light valve will change its transparency. The automatic photoelectric mask is a new type of eye protection equipment, belonging to the auxiliary tool during the welding process. The advantage of this is that the probe automatically senses arc light, and the LCD dimming screen quickly turns black, safe, and reliable. The welding workpiece can be clearly seen before arc striking, and it automatically darkens at the moment of arc striking. Completely liberate hands, greatly improve work efficiency, ensure welding quality, and effectively filter out harmful infrared and ultraviolet rays generated during the welding process. At the same time, reduce the strong light to a level that the human eye can withstand.
The emergence of automatic dimming welding masks provides the possibility for enterprises to improve welding quality and efficiency. Higher welding quality, welding efficiency, and professional satisfaction of welders will all have a positive impact on the market competitiveness of enterprises.

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