How long will the battery last? Is it replaceable? – It is hard to estimate how long the battery in any helmet will last. All the helmets Eastwood sells feature solar cells, as well as batteries. The solar cells provide the power to darken the filter when you are in the sun, or even with just the UV rays coming off of your welding. The lowest priced helmet we sell has a battery that will last for 3 years of constant welding, the higher end helmets are all rated for more than 5000 hours of continuous use. The batteries only discharge when the shield is initially darkened, so sitting on a shelf not being used they will last nearly forever. The batteries in the RokoWell™ helmets are also readily available and easily replaceable when the time comes. The Save Phace helmets use a 3v lithium battery – CR2032, which is also easily replaceable.

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