Replaceable Lens/Auto Darkening Filter 108D

Self-check,Low Battery Alarm,Sensitivity and delay time is adjustable·  High definition protective filter· 

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Product Characteristics:
·Fashion appearance,ultra light designing,wearing comfortable.
·Solar powered with lithium battery assist for long life( up to 5000 hrs).
·High strong materials and fire retardant,can prevent resistance,anti-aging.
·High definition protective filter,you can see the welding conditions clearly when welding the goods.
·Use high quality LCD and multilayer optical interference filter.
·Welding luminosity is soft and comfortable.Protect your eyes to the fullest extent.
·Sensitivity and delay time can be adjustable.
·Lens darkening Reaction is 1/25000 sec.Striking the arc,the observing window darkens immediately.
·Permanent UV/IR protection.16 levels.
·Low battery alarm,Self-check
·Grinding and welding mode can be chosen.
·Ideal for MIG and STICK welding,TIG rating,all kinds of welding and cutting mode except laser welding.
·Can be painted into different colors and decals.
·Ultra-low power consumption.Battery replaceable.
·Working temperature:-5℃–55℃(23°F–131°F).
·Storage temperature:-20℃–70℃(-4°F–158°F).
·Warranty:3 years.
·Life expectancy:10 years.
·Offer OEM/ODM Service.
·CE,ANSI,CSA,ROHS approved.

Auto-Darkening Filter Technical Specification

Filter Model ADF-108D
Arc Sensor 2
Filter dimension 110*90*9mm
View size 93*43mm
Light Shade No. DIN4
Dark Shade No. DIN9-13
Switching time <1/25,000S
Delay time 0.1-0.8S stepless adjustment
Sensitivity control Low or high stepless adjustment
ADF Self-Check Yes
Low Battery Alarm Yes
Ultraviolet trasmittance 313nm<0.00006%, 365nm<0.00006%
UV/IR protection Up to shade DIN16
Infrared ray through rate 780-1300nm<0.003%,1300-2000nm<0.009%
Battery Replaceable Lithium battery +Solar cells
Power on/off Full automatic
Materials The original import ultra light strengthen PP


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